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Ways for You to Get Involved!

I am excited about this campaign and the opportunity to work with you on the issues we all care about.  I do need your support to be successful at the General Election on November 6th.

Please consider the following ways to help the campaign:


join Kari in knocking on doors

I am going door-to-door all summer and fall. Please contact me if you can join me in two or three-hour shifts every Sunday afternoon.

write a letter to the paper

It would be FANTASTIC if you could write a letter to the editor supporting my candidacy. Let me know if you are interested!


I welcome the opportunity to come to your home or neighborhood, meet your family and friends, and have a conversation about the importance of this election, my candidacy and issues that you care about. I look forward to the conversation!

follow and share on social media

A GREAT way for me to “get the word out” about my campaign is to “LIKE” and “SHARE” my posts through Facebook and Instagram. Click on the icons at the bottom of the page to access my social media accounts.


Your support goes a long way in helping me spread the word about this campaign and the issues we care about.

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